I am looking for a 2D Game Artist who can create concept art as well as finished assets ready to use in-game.

Dream Operator is a story-based 2D platformer game, where you play as a TV-broadcast operator who travels through imaginary adventures, powered by the TV programs that he monitors every night in his job. The game is currently on concept production stage, funded by Finnish Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture.

As a 2D game artist you have a chance to affect the overall visual style of the game, as well as the story and design of the game. You will work and collaborate directly with me, the project leader.

Please note that you would need your own hardware, software, working spaces, and everything else necessary to do the job. You also need to have means to invoice, e.g. you have your own company.

The current production phase ends on 26th of August 2019 at the latest. Your responsibilities during this phase would be:

- creation of concept art for 6-8 game levels, each one having different and distinct themes in environment and character art
- creation of environment art for at least one playable level

The ideal applicant has the following attributes:

- experience in creating and animating 2D art in variety of styles
- familiarity with Unity engine
- familiarity with story-based 2D platformer games
- lives near the Helsinki area
- interested in continuing to work on the project after the end of the current production phase

Please send your application, CV, portfolio and price estimation in either Finnish or English to: contact [at] shakysoft.com

Panu Akrenius